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  • Can this be installed on top of ceramic tile flooring?
    COLORS by DecoProducts™ can be installed over ceramic. Just be sure the grooves aren’t too large/deep because maybe would be better to fill with gypsum or similar first. Then apply with confident and enjoy your new COLORS Floor & Wall. You can also check the video on the product page for installing using double sided-tape. Please notice that a click installation system floating product is also available called HYDROSTOP.
  • Could this product be used on a residential garage floor and withstand the heat of hot tires?
    You can install this floor on your garage. If tires are not over-heated can be properly supported for this waterproof floor. Be sure to install the planks in the same direction of car entering to prevent movement with subfloor.
  • Can this product be installed over vinyl sheet flooring
    COLORS by DecoProducts™ can be installed over vinyl sheet flooring. Just be sure the base vinyl is well attached to the subfloor. You may use Roberts 7350-1 Universal Vinyl Flooring Adhesive, 1 Gallon or similar Pressure Sensitive Adhesive.
  • If I choose the Glue Down installation, where to get the glue?
    You can get it on any of the main online US marketplaces. Then apply with confident and enjoy your new COLORS Floor & Wall.
  • How durable is this product and can it withstand dogs?
    COLORS by DecoProducts™ is a flooring option for families with pets. Are highly durable with a lifetime residential limited guarantee, long-lasting, and resistant to moisture, pets or human scratches and dents. They are also easy to maintain
  • Can this be installed over WallPaper?
    Installing over wallpaper will depend on how is the wallpaper attached to the wall. If properly and well stick, yes you can place over it the planks.
  • Is this product tongue and groove or have some joinery method other than just glue? Or is it flat on all sides?
    This product is not a click flooring or tongue and Groove. Is basically a Glue Down plank, but many installers instead of glue down it, just apply double-sided Tape strips all along the subfloor area and then lay the planks. For more detail info please watch our video. Others DIY and installers, for small areas use Liquid Nails Fuze-it. On all cases wait until adhesive becomes tacky. Please note that the DVF2 Old Blue Sea Aged model only should be available also on a Tongue and Groove 7 in. x 48 in. version (Click Floating System).
  • Can this be installed on a gypcrete floor with in-floor heating? Will the heating cause the tiles to buckle or separate?
    If you consider that temperature changes will be considerable, when installing this vinyl floor product we recommend to use a barrier underlayment to avoid floor distortion.
  • Can this be installed in a three-season sunroom?
    Yes. COLORS by DecoProducts™ can be installed there because difference from real wood it won’t contract or expand as much. Please remember that Vinyl flooring naturally expands and contracts in the heat and cold.
  • Would this product be suitable on a wall application/installation via a nail gun?
    Yes. You can use a nail gun
  • Can I use this in my deck?
    Yes. You can if your deck is roof covered. Just be sure the roof be at least 2ft larger than the floor area.
  • Can this be used as backsplash in kitchen or would the oven get too hot?
    Yes. You can use as a kitchen backsplash. Be sure you have enough room between planks and the heat source. About 10in would be recommended.
  • What does the mils wear layer means?
    The mils on any floor will depend on the traffic. Our floors works properly for light traffic commercial areas and are lifetime limited guarantee for residential.
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